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Yoni Steaming



Vaginal steaming, also known as v-steaming or yoni steaming, is a practice that was used throughout the world to support uterine and menstrual health for thousands of years. Unfortunately, with the onset of Western gynecology in the late 19th century, vaginal steaming was part of the wisdom lost through the banishment of midwifery.


Thankfully, this simple yet highly effective practice is being remembered.


What is yoni steaming?

Yoni steaming is the practice of sitting, kneeling, or squatting over heated water to expose the pelvic region, ideally from vulva to anus, to the healing properties of steam. Often, particular herbs are chosen to use inside the steam pot to offer additional support for specific ailments.

Why would I want to yoni steam?

The key reason yoni steaming may offer a wide variety of benefits is because the steam, partnered with suitable herbs, supports the natural cleanse of the uterus. Just like we do breathwork to support the cleanse of the lungs, colonic hydrotherapy to support the cleanse of the colon, massage therapy to support the cleanse of our lymphatic system, we steam to support the cleanse of the uterus. As a vital organ, she is just as worthy of extra love and care. Even in this toxic world, she deserves to function optimally too! Our yoni steam practice invites us into intimacy with our natural rhythms, cycles, and delightful smells. We celebrate yoni steaming from a place of deep reverence and devotion to the female body.


8 Reasons to Yoni Steam

1. Fostering a Balanced & Optimal Menstrual Cycle

A balanced cycle is able to occur when the womb space is well rested and nourished and the uterus is experiencing a regular, consistent, and complete monthly cleanse. Yoni steaming on particular days of the menstrual cycle may help release stagnation and offer strength and nurturance. This is why it is believed that yoni steaming supports the rebalancing of the cycle and the return of a healthy and consistent period.

2. Pain Free Periods

Cramps are not our bodies NOT working, it is our female bodies working brilliantly just choosing tools we don’t tend to like.

3. Increased Fertility

Optimal fertility is best achieved through a healthy menstrual cycle, including monthly ovulation and a regular healthy period. Steaming addresses the root cause of infertility by supporting the return of a balanced and healthy cycle. Yoni steaming is also used to cleanse and prepare the uterus for insemination, IVF, and IUI. In these cases, steaming is only safe before, never after, the insemination or implementation.

4. Fibroids & Cysts

Yoni steaming helps liquify and release fibroids and cysts as a non-surgical option for removal. 

5. Menopause & Post Menopause Support

Yoni steaming adds moisture into the body, helping to alleviate dryness. Cooling herbs are used to release excess heat from the body.

6. Sexual Aliveness

Yoni steaming may increase lubrication and libido.

7. Postpartum Care

Yoni steaming for postpartum recovery has a rich, robust, and global history. Birthing people across the globe are revitalizing this practice. 

8. Holistic Health

Beyond the many physical benefits of yoni steaming are the emotional and spiritual healing. It is a rare and special event in our culture to take time to nourish our womb space. Yoni steaming can be a powerful and potent practice because after various life experiences, including trauma, it offers the ability to come back to a sense of home within our body. A remembrance to the strength, wisdom, and resilience.


Critical Safety Information

TIMES WHEN IT IS NOT SAFE TO STEAM, include but are not limited to:

1) It is not safe to yoni steam during pregnancy.

Steam may open the cervix, which is not safe during pregnancy.

2) It is not safe to yoni steam while menstruating.

During the monthly bleed/ period the uterine arteries are open and as steam may increase blood flow, it is not safe to steam while bleeding fresh red blood.

3) It is not safe to steam if you are prone to or are experiencing spontaneous bleeding, bleed in-between periods, or have two periods per month.

As steam increases blood flow, if you have these experiences please work with a trained and trusted practitioner to ensure that you follow a safe steaming schedule.

4) It is not safe to steam in extremely hot weather.

Yoni steaming warms the body and in circumstances of extremely hot weather, it is not advised.

5) It is not safe to steam when trying to conceive, after ovulation.

When trying to conceive, it is NOT safe to steam after ovulation and before menstruation/ confirmation that you are not pregnant. Only steam during your follicular phase (in-between menstruation and ovulation) and do not steam after ovulation, insemination, or IUI/IVF transfer until menstruation or a doctor confirms that you are not pregnant.

6) It is not safe to steam when using certain procedures and interventions for birth control.

Yoni steaming may cause the reversal of the following procedures and interventions: Endometrial Ablation, Tubal Cauterization, Essure, and the patch hormonal birth control that prevents pregnancy by thickening the uterine lining. If you are using any of these methods of birth control, please back them up before yoni steaming.

How Long is a Yoni Steam Session?

There are two standard lengths for Yoni Steaming:

Mild 20 Minute Yoni Steam $55 

Advanced 30 Minute Yoni Steam $75

If you experience any of the following sensitivities, The Mild 10 Minute yoni steam is for you:

  • This is your first-time steaming.

  • You are prone to shorter cycles, 27 days or less.

  • You are prone to infections (bacteria, yeast, herpes).

  • You have indications of excess heat in the body

  • You are under the age of 18

  • You are prone to fresh red spotting/ trickle bleeding.

  • You have a herstory of spontaneous bleeding or 2 periods per month.

  • Remember, never steam while currently bleeding fresh red blood

Please choose the Advanced 30 Minute Yoni Steam only after determining that you do NOT have any of the sensitivities listed above. For the Advanced 30 Minute Yoni Steam, you can sustain the heat by keeping the burner on throughout your steam. Please be sure to monitor the heat so it is always gentle, comfortable, and safe.

A note to those prone to shorter cycles: If you had experienced shorter cycles, 27 days and less, but through steaming achieve a consistent 28 day cycle, please stick with Mild 10 Minute Yoni Steams. If you have been prone to shorter cycles, you do not "advance" to longer steams.

Steaming for longer than 30 minutes per session is never recommended.

What to Wear

We provide either a Clock/Gown, Yoni Steaming Robe or

Oversized Organic Yoni Steaming Blanket.

Some women will want to yoni steam in heavy cloaks and gowns to increase the detoxification of the body. For others this is contraindicated.


To know what attire is best for you, first identify if you have any signs of excess heat.

  • Infections (bacteria, yeast, herpes).

  • Hot flashes

  • Night sweats

  • Yoni dryness Radiating heat - you’re like a heater!

  • An aversion to heat - if you dislike heat, please skip heavy materials for your comfort.

If you DO experience any of the above indications:

Skip using extra blankets, gowns, and heavy material on your body while yoni steaming. 

For grounding, you may want to bring a favorite pair of cozy socks or slippers.


If you do NOT experience any of the above indications of excess heat, you may choose to aid the detoxification of the yoni steaming process by wrapping yourself in extra material.

Yoni steaming opens your heart, womb space, and body. So if you do wear gowns, robes, or blankets please avoid wearing anything made from synthetics, polyesters, or plastics which can release harmful chemicals. Advance Detox Center offers organic blankets and robes for yoni steaming.

Yoni Steam Herbs

Yoni steaming with herbs may optimize your health and healing. However, selecting the wrong herbs for your ailments and body can cause harm. Advance Detox Center currently offers six premium yoni steaming blends featuring 100% organic herbs.

REJUVENATE, Organic Strengthening Blend For cycles 27 days and shorter. Supporting perimenopause. For all who ever experience cycles shorter than 27 days, always choose this blend.

RELEASE, Organic Cleansing Blend Exclusively for cycles 28 days and longer. Supporting the clearing of stagnation, minimizing menstrual cramping, and alleviating period pain. If you are steaming to release cysts and fibroids and have a strong cycle for 28 days or longer, please choose this blend.

RENEW, Organic Disinfecting Blend Supporting the clearing of irregular discharge, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis. For those experiencing an active infection (and with a cycle of at least 28 days in length).

RECOVER, Organic Postpartum Blend Supporting birthing women. Releasing lochia and achieving a full uterine cleanse after delivery. Generally, choose this blend for postpartum steaming. If you are experiencing an infection during postpartum then please alternate with the Renew Disinfecting Blend. If prior to your pregnancy you experienced shorter cycles, beneath 28 days in length, please opt instead for the Rejuvenate Strengthening Blend during your postpartum steams.

WOMB WISDOM, Organic Universal Blend Supporting balanced womb health. Well suited for folks of all ages and an excellent choice for Moon Circles, Sister Circles, and Pamper Parties.

REFRESH, Organic Cooling Blend Supporting menopause. Increasing moisture and reducing excess heat in the body.


Which Days to Yoni Steam?

Here are some general guidelines for your general education.

Day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your menstrual bleed.

Uterine Fatigue: Yoni Steaming with shorter cycles, 27 days and shorter: If your cycles consistently at least 24 days, steam with the Rejuvenate Strengthening Blend on days 19, 20, 21 and the three days immediately following the end of your menstrual bleed. If you have cycles shorter than 24 days, work with a trained and trusted practitioner for a custom schedule

Yoni Steaming with strong cycles, 28 days and longer: Depending on your ailments and intentions, steam with the Release, Renew, Refresh, or Womb Wisdom Blends on days 23, 24, 25 and the three days immediately following the end of your menstrual bleed.

Yoni Steaming for Postpartum Recovery:

After delivery you need to wait, usually around 2 days, to confirm that your uterine arteries are closed. Upon this confirmation from your midwife or Doctor, you may steam every day for up to 30 days. Steaming beyond 30 days is not advised as it may stimulate an early return of the period.

Yoni Steaming with an Active Infection:

You will likely steam daily for 10 days or until the infection is fully released. If you also experience shorter cycles of 27 days or less, please opt for the Rejuvenate Strengthening Blend instead of the Renew Disinfecting Blend.

Yoni Steaming for Prolapse:

Yoni steaming may support the lifting of the organs back into place. Yoni steaming within a month of postpartum is optimal. However, even if you are years postpartum, a trained and trusted practitioner can work with you to create a steam schedule. This usually involves daily or every other day steams to support the rebalancing and lifting of the organs back into optimum position.

Steaming for Fertility and Conception:

Supporting your balanced and optimum menstrual cycle is the best way to support your fertility. We suggest adopting an appreciation of two phases of your yoni steam practice for conception: 1) the intentional preparatory phase and 2) the active conception phase. During the intentional preparatory phase, you’ll want to steam in full support of your menstrual cycle and fertility desires. This often includes steaming every other day or even daily (excluding menstruation.)

Once you feel in a balanced and optimal place then you will want to enter the second phase. Phase 2, steaming during active conception, requires you to steam only in the follicular phase, after menstruation and before ovulation.

Handwoven robe front.webp

Yoni Steaming Robe

Smart Cotton - Premium Turkish cotton, astounding quality, hand-painted and supremely soft. Light weight to give you the comfort you desire during your Yoni Steam. 

Handpainted throw Rose pink.webp

Yoni Steaming Blanket

So beautiful, so soft and so perfect for elevating the comfort and experience of your Yoni Steam. Wrap around the waist, tuck underneath the arm, or criss-cross over the shoulders for a halter dress.

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