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Advance Detox Center is a Christian Family owned and operated Holistic Colonic Hydrotherapy Center serving Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas for over 18 years. We provide professional, informative and safe colonic hydrotherapy treatments to clients of all ages, shapes and sizes, with a strong focus on gut health, lifestyle and detox solutions. 

Our goal is to help enable a lifestyle in which your body is at its best. A sense of good energy and feeling of well-being is our main purpose. We want all of our clients to feel that their time spent at our center has been effective and worthwhile.

We are committed to creating a private, friendly, clean and safe environment in which our clients can be completely comfortable.


Owner and Colon Hydro-therapist, Crystal is an experienced Colon-Hydro therapist, starting her personal journey with colonics back in 1997 and owning 3 thriving Holistic Center's she has what it takes to help others transform their health.  


After colonics transformed her life by eliminating the built-up waste and toxicity

her own body couldn’t, Crystal realized her passion in natural health and healing, becoming a Colon Hydro- therapist and Holistic Naturopath.


In addition to treating others, Crystal understands the importance of self-care and practicing the importance of detoxing regularly. This is a true testament to the safety and effectiveness of colon therapy and her personal experience in the field of colonics and detoxing.

Crystal has had both Open and Closed system colonics in the past and believes each system has it's benefits. Colonic Hydrotherapy is not a one size fits all, it's about personal preference and comfort level. Clients may feel more comfortable in a private setting while some prefer a therapist administered setting. Crystal has chosen the two top FDA approved and state-of-the-art devices, she believes stands above the rest: the Aquanet EC 2000. A Closed system device (therapist-administered) and The Angel of Water Open system devices (self -administered), both Closed and Open devices having the highest standard of safety and comfort for our clients. 

Advance Detox Center is a member of the Association of the International Association of Colon Hydro-therapists.



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"I started Advance Detox Center so I could help others who were just like me. People who were struggling to find solutions to their ongoing digestive battles, people who are suffering, and had tried every mainstream medical option with prescriptions to over the counter harmful products and nothing seemed to help. 

My passion is inspire and educate people to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and giving them the tools, support and information to succeed. Colonic Hydrotherapy is such a life changing therapy, it transformed my life and I passionately believe it can benefit everyone."

Crystal - Owner of Advance Detox Center


A safe space where people are free to detox physically, emotionally and spiritually.

At Advance Detox Center, we are here to help. Wherever you are in your own personal health journey, colonics can help to restore balance and vitality by ridding the body of harmful toxins and waste build up. Colonics support the body to release physically and emotionally for a stronger feeling of vitality and will help you achieve your health goals on your journey back to optimal health.


Our center is located in beautiful Rancho Cucamonga, California. Our center is disability friendly and has plenty available and free parking.


If you have any questions about our treatments we offer, please contact our friendly and professional team today to find out more.

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Our knowledgeable and friendly team of Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists at Advance Detox Center will walk you through every step of the process and ensure you feel comfortable, safe and supported at all times. We love what we do so let us help you improve your gut health and reach your health and wellness goals.

Crystal - Colon Hydro-therapist

Crystal has been in the colon-cleansing world for over 20 years. She has studied many holistic modalities and has owned 3 Colon Cleansing locations. She is certified through I-Act and is an active and long standing member.

Crystal has created her own digestive supplement brand to ensure her clients are getting quality ingredients in each supplement that is recommended. Crystal loves helping others achieve better health with a natural approach. Her holistic guidelines help others to choose the best lifestyle they can and live life to the fullest. 

Through her own experiences, Crystal has become a firm believer that healing starts from within, and that proper digestion is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Crystal has a passion for educating others in helping them achieve optimal health and for increasing awareness of complementary and alternative therapies.

A number of years ago she decided to open up her first center that focuses on holistic digestive healing through integrated methods all under one roof and is proud to offer the Open and Closed Colonic Hydrotherapy Systems, in which both are the highest standard of safety, comfortable and effective colonic irrigation experience for clients. She is dedicated to creating a pleasant experience for all clients who visit the center and provides a friendly, clean and professional environment. 

Advance Detox Center

Deah - Colon Hydro-therapist

Deah has been in the Colon Cleansing world for over 15 years. She holds a Professional Level I-Act Colon Hydrotherapy certification, I-Act National Board certification and I-Act Nutrition certification.
Deah's curiosity with health started at an early age with both her mother and father being very active in the natural health world. Deah was excited to start her own health journey and began working at her mother’s Integrative and Alternative Health Center in Apple Valley, California.
Deah began operating the Rancho Cucamonga Location and assisting at the Claremont Location. Deah's mother decided to sell Apple Valley and Claremont locations to concentrate solely on Colonic Hydrotherapy which has been a great success.
Deah is trained and experienced on the most popular Closed and Open colonic devices, in which some of the most seasoned Colon-Hydro therapists only know how to operate one type of device. Just knowing the different manufactures is great but actually operating and training other Colon Hydro therapists with the different types of devices is a plus. Deah can then relate to what each clients past colonic experience has been. This is extremely important especially if it wasn't a positive experience, Deah will then know exactly what to do to ensure a positive and beneficial session for that client. Deah is not only extremely knowledgeable she's also a great listener, is personable, compassionate and understanding which allows clients to feel relaxed and taken care of. Deah is a big part of this great healing community by sharing her knowledge with clients on nutrition, supplementation, detoxification remedies and other healing modalities. Deah knows exactly what to do to stay healthy in today’s toxic world. 
Advance Detox Center

Ilana - Colon Hydro-therapist

Ilana Comes with an extended knowledge and experience in the Colon Hydrotherapy world. She started her Colon Hydrotherapy career in Israel and trained through the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) in 2007. This was the beginning of an amazing adventure and the discovery of Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy. 

The excitement she felt learning all these modalities, it’s only grown, and this is why Ilana is so passionate to helping others. Every person who walks in brings a story with them and understanding what is happening to work out the best option for their wellness journey together. 

Ilana is thankful for all her personal experiences, no matter how challenging they may have been, as they have led her to live a very purposeful life. She is passionate about health and through detoxing combined with the right nutrition, believes everyone can live a more healthy, vibrant and happy life! 


Jenna - Colon Hydro-Therapist

Jenna is one of Advance Detox Center's experienced colon hydro-therapists, starting her personal journey with colonics over10 years ago. After colonics transformed her life by eliminating the built up waste and toxicity her own body couldn’t, Jenna realized her passion in natural health and healing, becoming a Colon Hydro-therapist.

Jenna states there’s a lot of satisfaction when a client’s health has improved in a short period of time, just because they’ve altered a few things that may have seemed insignificant initially. Jenna enjoys looking at a client’s health history, pinpointing areas of their health that could be improved, taking note of what’s happening during the colonic process and then making recommendations, she explained, "it's all very rewarding."

If you are ready to take back control over your health and wellbeing, Jenna would love to support you on your journey back to wellness.

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