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So beautiful, so soft, and so perfect for elevating the comfort and experience of your Yoni Steam. Wrap around the waist, tuck underneath the arms, or criss-cross over the shoulders for a halter dress. 

Chemical Free | Handwoven | Yarn dyed | Prewashed 

70% cotton 30% linen

Oversized: 59 x 86.6 Inches / 150 x 220 cm, with fringes.

Smart Cotton - Premium Turkish cotton, astounding quality and both solid and delicate. 

Fast Dry - These blankets dry in a blaze contrasted with conventional towels so you can bid farewell to soggy towels hanging in the bathroom. 

Super Absorbent - For drying up the moisture of your yoni steam super quickly. 

Finest Quality - Featuring the world's best cotton. These peshtemal blankets are made utilizing age-old procedures. 

Lightweight and scrumptiously soft. In fact, the more you wash your yoni steaming blanket/towel the softer and softer it will become. 

Colors: beautiful rose. 

RETURN POLICY, please read: 

We are unable to accept returns or process cancellations or exchanges. Please contact us if there is any damage from shipping.

Yoni Steaming Blanket

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