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Firming Ready-To-Wrap Bandage - Cool effect bandages. Together with slimming effect, this product also has a marked toning action produced by the active ingredients that give rise to a pleasing cold sensation leading to vasoconstriction. It is excellent for clients suffering from problems of slackening skin. The bandage contains lipolytic properties and it can, consequently, be used to overcome circulatory disorders.

Ready-To-Wrap Bandage is an innovative disposable wet bandage which can apply all firming and slimming treatments. Each bandage has already soaked in substances rich in various active ingredients for different treatments. Formulated with active detoxifying ingredients such as Ivy extract, the bandage contracts blood vessels and improves lymphatic system to tender skin texture. All the natural ingredients are especially effective on loosen skin and have no side effects on the circulatory system. It has a remarkable toning action produced and give rise to a pleasing cold sensation leading to vaso-constriction. It is excellent for clients suffering from problems of slackening skin.

Ready-to-Wrap Disposable COLD Bandage

  • Package Contains 1 Ready-To-Wrap Bandages: 6 Inches x 10 feet long, which can be used to cover the one body part of the client (abdomen or arms or legs)

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